For several years, the Castech Plessitech Group has worked with various mining companies to improve the life of their equipment. True to the heart of the group's business, we have developed valuable expertise which allows us to support our customers and to have a real impact on the performance of their equipment.



Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) also use our services and our expertise to provide components: pulleys, anodes, tanks, gears, shredder hammers, bearings, bearing housings, transmission parts. These are just a few examples of parts made by Castech.

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For screws, screw conveyors or any other complementary equipment, we’ll make sure to meet your highest requirements for quality. Whether for fabrication or repair, we can help you reach your project's goals. Through our partnership with the foundry, we can provide casted parts directly from within our group.

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With the help of its induction ovens, Castech has mastered the production of very low carbon stainless steel (<0.03% C) which are required for the production of components for hydro-electric power generation. The production of wicket gates, blades, runner bands and crowns, and stay vanes is no secret to Castech.

With the collaboration of its sister company, Plessitech, all these components can be delivered fully machined and ready to install. Additionally, with the surge in world thirst for green energy that is generated from wind turbines, Plessitech has developed the required expertise for the production of components for wind turbines such as hubs and bases.

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The Castech Plessitech Group not only has expertise in casting, but also the technical knowledge to improve a product in terms of its performance and its life. This synergy makes Castech Plessitech Group the most interesting solution for all manufacturing sectors.

We produce parts designed and used in transformation programs and/or renovation of equipment. We then work for steel mills, the pulp and paper industry, the areas of forestry, shipyards, recycling companies, the transportation industry and for many others.

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